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What are the stages in the workflow?

1-After you place an order we will start analyzing it. All script files, videos or audios will be checked completely to clear which services you might need, how many hours it will take and which workflow it feets into. 

2-Then an email containing information about, suggested talent, delivery schedule, price and payment methods will be sent. If you entrust us with choosing the voice talent, we will provide you with a list of those with a suitable type of voice and suggest the person we think is best suited for the project.

3-After confirming the price and services we will start the project. Normally the first step is the translation. Then the project manager will check the translation, rewrite or do some proofreading and make it ready for the next step. 

4-if the project is voice over based, the studio that has been scheduled before get ready for recording. the voice talent, project manager and sound engineer will work closely together so they will finish the biggest step.

5- after that, the rest of the team that might include editor, sound designer, video editor or graphic designers will join the project.  

6-Well it sounds everything is finished. But the QC and project manager each will check the export files twice to make sure that everything is just fine. in some cases, depending on which payment method you choose, you might receive part of your unfinished project to tell us any changes that you might need.

7-Your files will be sent to you on schedule. and you will check them. if there is any changes or retakes that you might need, you have 1 week to get back to us for the corrections.



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