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Dari is a branch of Farsi spoken in Afghanistan. The spoken and written forms of this variant differ so slightly from Farsi that it cannot be considered a completely separate language. However, it must still be distinguished from Farsi as some words carry different meanings in Dari. There was very little voice acting and dubbing being done in Afghanistan in the past and they are therefore considered relatively new forms of art and business which have been booming and developing over the past 15 years.
Dari itself is also spoken in several different dialects such as Hazaragi, Kandahari, and Kabuli. It’s interesting to note that the Farsi spoken in Iran is comprehensible for the people of Afghanistan and Dari is comprehensible for Iranians. However, when it comes to advertising, or contacting regional customers, it’s always better to use their native tongue. Even though there is mutual comprehension between the native speakers of these two languages, we suggest using the native language for each specific audience.
The details mentioned above become even more evident when dealing with translations because some similar words have different origins and are combined in different ways to convey various meanings. We therefore suggest employing the help of Dari translators for content intended for Afghanistan so your message gets across without any ambiguity.
Our expertise in localization for this language will open new doors for you into the world of Dari speakers.

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