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Dari Voice Over

Since you’re in need of Dari voice over, you clearly require a very unique service. Dari is one of the main languages spoken across central Asia and the Middle East. As a matter of fact, Dari has many nuances that can vary based on dialect and the target audience. This variety must be taken into account by both the writers and voice actors. Therefore, if you supply us with a pre-translated text, we will rewrite it in order to perfectly tailor every detail to your target audience. We will then consider each member of our elite cast of Dari voice over talents and pick the artist who is best suited to deliver those words with the highest possible impact.

By employing our Dari voice over services, you no longer need to worry about striking the right chord with your audience. Whether it’s for an internal PA system or narration, an advertisement or international corporate announcement, we will comb through the content and evaluate every single word with the aim of increasing the quality of the final Dari voice over text.

The Dari voice talents we choose to work with must pass multiple stringent screenings. They all have worked as professional voice actors for at least 10 years with some having over 50 years of experience.

If you are looking for this service in Farsi (Persian) you should visit our Farsi (Persian) Voice Over page.

How to order Dari voice over?

We continuously hold ourselves to the highest international standards when it comes to recording in the studio, editing and delivering the requested output formats. Our quality control group always checks everything twice before delivery to the client so rest assured that you will be receiving the highest possible quality Dari voice overs. Please take a look at some of voice overs recorded by our professional voice talents on voice talents page.

You can follow these steps for Ordering Dari Voice over :

1-You can choose a talent from Dari voice talents.
2-Then you can upload your order files like videos, Scripts, Audio files or … after that you can ask for quote.
3-After 2 hours maximum we will evaluate your order and will send you an email containing information about your order, price, delivery time schedule and may be some suggestions to help you handle your Dari Voice over easier.

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