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Farsi (Persian) Audiobook production

Farsi (Persian) audiobook production is a critical decision for every publisher and writer. Having about 170 million speakers worldwide makes any content distributor think twice. Targeting Farsi speaking audiences with a rich history of literature is not an easy job.

Fortunately, If you want your book to reach a large Farsi-speaking audience, then you’ve come to the right place. Our studio has impressive and successful experience in Farsi (Persian) audiobook production. Now we are ready to bring your published work into a Persian audiobook format.

We will carefully read and evaluate your book.  In order to suggest the most suitable voice talent to match its style and tone. Your Farsi Audiobook Production will be prepared in accordance with the highest quality standards.  Such as those of Amazon, Audible, and ACX. All you need to do is sign a contract with the publisher and leave the rest to us.

Here you can find a demo of a Farsi audiobook that was recorded in our studio. For visiting Dari services for audiobook production you can visit Dari Audiobook Production page.

How to Order Farsi (Persian) audio book production:

1- Check our get a quote page.
2-Please upload your Book document in PDF or MS word format. and write any description and details that might be important for Farsi (Persian) audiobook production.
3-If your book is translated the evaluation process will begin. If you need a translator, we will consider the best translator that fits, based on your book content.
4-You will receive an email containing the price, voice actors samples that fit your order, and time schedule.
5-After you proceed, the process will begin. and soon you will receive translated or edited version of your book.
6- The recording process will start and your Farsi (Persian) audiobook production will be finished on the schedule we agreed upon.

About is the leading professional service provider for Farsi and Dari voice over, dubbing, subtitling, translation, and transcription.

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