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Farsi (Persian) Localization Services

Localization is the first step towards globalization. With over 200 million native speakers worldwide, Farsi must be one of the languages you pay special attention to. Farsi (Persian) localization is like opening the gate to the Persian world. Farsi is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan with 10 million more able to speak it spread out across the globe. The Persian Language that we are talking about in this topic is mostly used for Iranian speakers. But It’s understandable for all branches of Farsi like Dari.

If you’ve developed an app or designed a website that requires Farsi (Persian) localization you’ve come to the right place. We have years of experience in the field and have offered our consultation and services to tens of different companies. As you might know, the culture of a historic country like Iran and its language when mixed with Islamic culture will be difficult to understand for the western world. Here a Farsi (Persian) Localization manager comes in handy.

Whatever the format of your content, be it text, audio, video, or even graphical designs, we will localize them for Farsi (Persian) with the least delay and deliver them to you in the same formats or any other format you request.

About is the leading professional service provider for Farsi and Dari voice over, dubbing, subtitling, translation, and transcription.

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