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Farsi (Persian) Business voice over

You need Farsi (Persian) business voice over because you are planning on doing business in Iran? Then you need to make your educational or advertising material available in Farsi. For participating in a Farsi speaking exhibition, you also need Farsi videos and brochures to show and hand out to potential customers.[/caption]

We know finding Farsi voice over or in other words Persian voice over talents is a bit hard. You can find many voice-over agencies worldwide. But as they are not specialists in the Farsi language they can’t even distinguish between Persian and Dari.

We have over 15 years of experience offering Farsi (Persian) business voice over and Farsi Business narration services to international corporations. With this experience, you will ensure that your order will have the maximum quality ever. We can provide you with the best results with the shortest Turnaround time.

If you are looking for this service in the Dari language please visit Dari business voice over page.

Ordering Farsi (Persian) "business voice over":

1- First you should visit get a quote page. Please upload your text or video and add all descriptions and details.
2-You will receive the price and time schedule.
3-After the process has started  You will receive the translated version of your Farsi (Persian) business voice over document in less than a week from the time of order.
4-You have the option of checking any part and making changes as you see fit before we send you the final product.
5-Your video or audio content will be ready in a maximum of 3 working days after your confirmation. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting 3 days, for only a small extra fee, we can deliver your order in just 2 working days.

We are committed to providing 24-hour customer service. We will make as many tweaks and changes as you require to ensure your complete satisfaction.

About is the leading professional service provider for Farsi and Dari voice over, dubbing, subtitling, translation, and transcription.

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